High Gain Dual-Polarized Non-uniform Spacing Stacked Patch Yagi-Uda Type Antenna

This article describes a unique dual polarized antenna using stacked patches to increase gain similar as dipole array by Yagi-Uda. The antenna structure is very simple and useful for many wireless application where high gain is essential from single RF feed. Increasing gain by optimizing Yagi-Uda antenna director spacing and length are well studied topics where tradeoff is made between bandwidth and maximum gain. The key design uniqueness of the presented antenna is dual polarized feed patch antenna with higher gain and wider bandwidth. A detail step by step optimization technique for a 7GHz high gain stack patch antenna with 650 MHz bandwidth is described. Measured realized maximum gain is over 12 dBi with 4 directors. Simulation and measured results are compared. Simple stacking and feed method of the proposed high gain antenna will give easy manufacturing capability of this antenna and could be good candidate for millimeter and sub-millimeter wave RF system.