Creativity Methods Adoption in Higher Education

Numerous higher education institutions offer courses aimed at enhancing learners’ creativity, especially in design studies. However, the differences in the adoption of […]

Health Effects of 5G Base Station Exposure

The Fifth Generation (5G) communication technology will deliver faster data speeds and support numerous new applications such as virtual and augmented reality. […]

The integration of UAVs to the C-ITS Stack

In this paper, we conceptualise and propose integrating UAVs with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) based on using the Cooperative-ITS (C-ITS) framework. We […]

Superior elasto-optic tetragonal SrTiO3 films

Cutting-edge acousto-optic devices require optically transparent thin films, which possess a high index of refraction and large elasto-optic coefficients. For the wide […]

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