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Books on 6G

Dive into our library of books chronicling the 6G Flagship’s trailblazing research into 6G technology. These volumes encapsulate the innovation and foresight driving us towards the next revolution in telecommunications.

From conceptual frameworks to advanced implementations, our publications offer an in-depth exploration of the transformative impact of 6G, underpinned by the expertise and collaborative efforts of leading researchers and industry experts.

Towards Sustainable and Trustworthy 6G: Challenges, Enablers, and Architectural Design
This book will lead you into 6G technologies. It addresses the anticipated integration of digital, physical, and human realms. It outlines challenges and design trends for a sustainable, secure 6G system, leveraging European research and partnerships.

Radio Propagation Measurements and Channel Modeling: Best Practices for Millimeter-Wave and Sub-Terahertz Frequencies
Explore the field of channel measurements to gain insight into radio propagation and enable channel modelling to support the design of future radio systems. Understand the role of mmWave frequencies in enhancing bandwidth and the international efforts to set future standards.

Security and Privacy Vision in 6G: A Comprehensive Guide
Anticipate the evolution of mobile communications with an insightful examination of security and privacy in the upcoming 6G era. This resource offers a deep dive into emerging threats and cutting-edge defences, crucial for professionals in the field.

6G Frontiers: Towards Future Wireless Systems

6G Frontiers offers intelligent insight into the ongoing research trends, use cases, and key developmental technologies powering the upcoming 6G framework. The authors cover a myriad of important topics that intersect with 6G, such as hyper-intelligent networking, security, privacy, and trust, harmonized mobile networks, legal views, and standards initiatives. 

Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency
Communications – Foundations, Enablers, System Design, and Evolution
Towards 6G

This book gives the reader a complete, yet concise, introduction to the information and communication-theoretical and application-oriented aspects of URLLC, including its future evolution towards 6G.

The Changing World of Mobile Communications
Explore the future of mobile connectivity and its role in digitalisation, merging technical, business, and policy perspectives with real-world examples in ‘The Future of Mobile Connectivity’.

Wireless RF Energy Transfer in the Massive IoT Era
Dive into ‘Wireless Energy Transfer: Towards Sustainable Zero-Energy IoT Networks’ for an in-depth exploration of efficient, sustainable IoT wireless networks and energy transfer technologies.

How will Artificial Intelligence Affect our Lives in the 2050s?
An informed perspective on artificial intelligence, discussing its progress, practical applications, and limitations, with insights into technologies like ChatGPT.

Virtual Reality
Fundamentals of virtual reality systems, including geometric modelling, transformations, graphical rendering, optics, human vision, auditory and vestibular systems, tracking systems, interface design, human factors, developer recommendations, and technological issues.

IoT Security: Advances in Authentication
Understand the complexities of IoT security with this comprehensive guide, covering user, device, and network-level authentication, vulnerabilities, and solutions by international experts.

A Comprehensive Guide to 5G Security
Explore the unique security challenges of 5G networks in this detailed guide, offering insights on protecting mobile networks, lifecycle functions, and security architectures essential for researchers and professionals.