Blockchain-based mobility-as-a-service

In this paper, we present a vision for a blockchain-based Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) as an application of edge computing. In current MaaS systems, a central MaaS operator plays a crucial role serving an intermediate layer which manages and controls the connections between transportation providers and passengers with several other features. Since the willingness of public and private transportation providers to connect to this layer is essential in the current realization of MaaS, in our vision, to eliminate this layer, a novel blockchain-based MaaS is proposed. The solution also improves trust and transparency for all stakeholders as well as eliminates the need to make commercial agreements with separate MaaS agents. From a technical perspective, the power of computing and resources are distributed to different transportation providers at the edge of the network providing trust in a decentralised way. The blockchain-based MaaS has the potential to emerge as the main component for a smart city transportation offering efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.