Blockchain-Based Network Slice Broker to Facilitate Factory-As-a-Service

The novel concept of factory-as-a-service (FaaS) allows the agility of adapting the manufacturing process by identifying the industry’s supply chain and user requirements. To cater to FaaS flexibility in networking and cloud services is a must. 5G network slice broker (NSB) is a third-party mediator that caters to networking resource demand from clients to the service providers. Thus this article introduces a secure blockchain-based NSB to facilitate FaaS. The proposed secure NSB (SNSB) provides secure cognitive and distributed network services for resource allocation and security service level agreement (SSLA) formation with coordination of slice managers and SSLA managers. In SNSB we introduce a federated slice selection algorithm with Stackelberg game model and reinforcement learning algorithm to compute the real time and the optimal unit price and demand level. We provide an extensive implementation and performance evaluation of SNSB using the slice manager and a custom SSLA manager.