Novel Smart Homecare IoT System with Edge-AI and Blockchain

Healthcare data is sensitive information that demands security and confidentiality. Currently, remote monitoring is widely applied as it provides many advantages, including improving the quality of healthcare services. However, data must be transmitted and exchanged over a network or Internet where authorized parties can leverage invulnerability in remote health monitoring systems. Although many previous studies mention possible solutions for an intelligent healthcare system, healthcare challenges are still open, mainly in the centralized system. Thus, attention to a decentralized environment has recently risen in healthcare system construction. However, a decentralized formation requires a specific technology to store and reliably communicate among network participants immutably. As the candidate for this consideration, blockchain technology is a prominent solution to forming decentralized systems. Further, due to the demand for swift reaction, alerts require the minimization of latency in communication, which brings to the examination of edge computing. This work introduces a novel intelligent homecare system based on blockchain technology placed at the network’s edge. The proposed system overcomes the existing system’s security limitations and provides advanced services that help in improving the quality of healthcare service.