Assessing the Feasibility of the Spectrum Sharing Concepts for Private Industrial Networks Operating above 5 GHz

Ongoing fifth generation mobile network 5G deployment is bringing higher speeds, higher capacity, lower latency and greater reliability into connectivity enabling data sharing amongst participating components of industrial systems. The private industrial network opportunity for serving different verticals is largely dependent on the timely availability, quality and the cost of spectrum. The growing pressure to open the wireless market for location specific networks has resulted in new regional licensing and sharing based models for spectrum management. This paper discusses private industrial network requirements for the spectrum management through a framework that can be used to assess the feasibility of the spectrum management approaches. Specifically, recent sharing concepts above 5 GHz in the US, Europe and four selected countries: Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and UK are analyzed from the viewpoint of private industrial networks. Each of the selected sharing concepts is a unique approach to make wideband spectrum available for other network providers than traditional MNO’s.