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Sunday 7 April

19:00-21:00 Informal get-together 

Monday 8 April

8:30-9:00          Registration

9:00-12:30        Technical sessions

9:00-9:45          [Keynote] Markku Juntti (University of Oulu, Finland) & Marian Codreanu (Linköping University, Sweden): From compressive sensing and sparse recovery to the age of information – Special tribute to late Dr. Markus Leinonen

9:45-10:10        Zheng Chen (Linköping University, Sweden): Over-the-Air Computation for Distributed Systems: Something Old and Something New

10:10-10:35      Derya Malak (EURECOM, France): Distributed Computation Over Networks

10:35-11:40      Poster session and coffee

  • Xinyu Huang (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden): Interference Cancellation for OTFS-Based Over-the-Air Computation
  • Dileepa Marasinghe (University of Oulu, Finland): Demapping Under Phase Noise Impairment for Sub-THz Communications
  • Thushan Sivalingam (University of Oulu, Finland): Deep Neural Network-Based Active User Detection for Grant-Free Systems
  • Xiaojing Yan (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden): A Novel Channel Coding Scheme for Digital Multiple Access Computing

11:40-12:05      Kenta Umebayashi (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan): Antenna Spacing Based Antenna Array Signal Processing

12:05-12:30      Ralf Müller (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany): Multi-Antenna Towards Inband Shift Keying: A New Concept to Overcome Critical Link Budgets

12:30-13:30      Lunch

13:30-16:00      Networking

16:00-18:45      Technical sessions

16:00-16:45      [Keynote] Marco Di Renzo (Paris-Saclay University, France): Stacked Intelligent Metasurfaces

16:45-17:10      Tommy Svensson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden): The Potential of Context-Aided Communications

17:10-17:35      Nikolaos Pappas (Linköping University, Sweden): Goal-Oriented Semantic Communication

17:35-17:55      Coffee break

17:55-18:20      Jacek Kibilda (VirginiaTech, USA): New Perspective on Dimensioning Mobile Networks in Ultra- and Hyper-Reliable Regimes

18:20-18:45      Namseok Ko (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, South Korea): Evolved Service-Based 6G Architecture

19:00-21:00      Social event

Immediately after SNOW 2024, the 6G Symposium 2024 will take place from April 9th (Tuesday) to 11th (Thursday) at Levi Summit, the same venue as SNOW. You can find more information and the agenda for the 6G Symposium here.