SNOW 2024 Invited Talks


Marco Di Renzo

CentraleSupelec – Paris-Saclay University (France)

Title: “Stacked Intelligent Metasurfaces”

Next-generation wireless networks are expected to utilize the limited radio frequency resources more efficiently with the aid of intelligent transceivers. In this talk, we propose a recent transceiver architecture that relies on stacked intelligent metasurfaces (SIM). An SIM is constructed by stacking an array of programmable metasurface layers, where each layer consists of a massive number of simple meta-atoms that individually manipulate the electromagnetic waves. We provide an overview of SIM-aided MIMO transceivers, including their novelty, hardware architecture, and potential benefits over state-of-the-art solutions.

Marco Di Renzo (Fellow, IEEE) is a CNRS Research Director (Professor) and the Head of the Intelligent Physical Communications group in the Laboratory of Signals and Systems at CentraleSupelec – Paris-Saclay University (France). He holds the 2023 France-Nokia Chair of Excellence in ICT. He served as the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Communications Letters in 2019-2023 and he is now serving as the Director of Journals of the IEEE Communications Society.

Markku Juntti & Marian Codreanu

University of Oulu & University of Linköping

Title: “From compressive sensing and sparse recovery to the age of information – special tribute to late Dr. Markus Leinonen”

Dr. Markus Leinonen was a highly talented young researcher and regular SNOW attendee. He passed away in February 2023 at the age of 36. This special talk pays tribute to his memory and presents a overview of his main research works in three areas: 1) compressed sensing and sparse recovery, 2) age of information analysis and communications design, and 3) user activity detection and channel estimation in grant-free machine type communications with multiantenna base station receivers. We highlight the main problems he studied over his career, his contributions to those areas, and the main results.

Markku Juntti (Fellow, IEEE) received his his Dr.Sc. (EE) degree from University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland in 1997. Dr. Juntti was with University of Oulu in 1992–98. In academic year 1994–95, he was a Visiting Scholar at Rice University, Houston, Texas. In 1999–2000, he was a Senior Specialist with Nokia Networks. Dr. Juntti has been a professor of communications engineering since 2000 at the University of Oulu, Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC). He serves as the Leader of CWC – Radio Technologies (RT) Research Unit. His research interests include signal processing for wireless networks as well as communication and information theory. His research interests include signal processing for wireless networks as well as communication and information theory. Dr. Juntti is also an Adjunct Professor at Rice University, Houston, Texas.