Developing fundamental technologies for 6G systems


6G Research

Research in 6G Flagship is organised into four interrelated strategic research areas where scientific breakthroughs are sought in the development of fundamental technology components for 6G systems.

Strategic Research Areas

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Devices and Circuit Technology
  • Distributed Intelligence
  • Services and Applications

6G Flagship


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Peer-reviewed Publications


Research projects with external funding

Research and Education Spectrum at a Glance

Digitalization, Computing and Electronics
AICircuitsEdge computingMachine learningPrintable electronics

Wireless Communications Engineering
NetworksRadio Access NetworksRF Engineering 


Computer Science and Engineering
AIData miningIoTMachine learningMachine vision

Biomedical Engineering
AIBig dataeHealthMachine learning

Business Analytics
AIBusinessData miningIndustry

University of Oulu Graduate School
Doctoral training

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Our Opportunities for Researchers

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We at 6G Flagship have granted public access to the scientific publications that our experts have produced since May 2018. With the open access and self-archived articles, we wish to share our research and validation results widely and raise discussion e.g. on key technology components, business aspects and related regulations towards 2030.

Europe with points of interest

Horizon europe

EU Projects

Horizon Europe is the EU’s leading research and innovation funding initiative, with a budget of €95.5 billion.

As pioneers in 6G research, our research teams support project innovation and effectiveness from concept to completion.

Check out our past and current EU-funded initiatives and contact us to learn about partnership opportunities in Horizon Europe!

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6G Enabling Sustainable Society

The 6G-enabled sustainable society (6GESS) programme capitalises on 6G Flagship’s technological expertise to develop the scientific framework for a data-driven, hyper-connected future society in which digital eHealth and future energy systems are intertwined. 6GESS will look into new technologies to help make healthcare and energy systems more democratic and efficient in the future. It will also help healthcare and energy providers and citizens become more involved in developing and using data-driven and digitised solutions.

6GESS is a collaborative endeavour of four faculties: Medicine, ITEE, Technology, and Oulu Business School. 6GESS works closely with the OuluHealth ecosystem, the Oulu University Hospital, and the Future Hospital 2030 project.

Academic excellence

Doctoral Defences and Theses

Wheidima Carneiro de Melo

Deep representation learning for automatic depression detection from facial expressions

Elina Kuosmanen

Technological Support for Parkinson’s Disease Patients’ Self-Care

Praneeth Jayasinghe

Coordinated multiantenna interference mitigation techniques for flexible TDD systems

Dileep Kumar

Latency and reliability aware radio resource allocation for multi-antenna systems