Mobile Augmented Reality Client as a UX Method for Living Lab’s User Involvement Tool

This paper introduces an augmented reality application, AR PATIO, which was developed for an existing user involvement tool that is a part of a living lab. Augmented reality contents can be projected on-site to visualize change in a comprehensible and visual way. The aim of our application is to provide new methods for involving citizens in the innovation, co-creation, and evaluation of services and products in a living lab context. Our solution gives users the possibility to express their reactions by leaving location-based comments and feedback when using augmented reality. AR PATIO was evaluated as a part of a bigger user-experience study in which virtual reality and mobile clients were also tested. However, in this paper, we focus on the results from an AR use case. According to our UX study with 14 participants, AR PATIO created a positive experience. It was regarded as empowering, playful, innovative, and useful.