Low-Complexity Multi-Antenna Coded Caching Using Location-Aware Placement Delivery Arrays

A location-aware multi-antenna coded caching scheme is proposed for applications with location-dependent data requests, such as wireless immersive experience, where users are immersed in a three-dimensional virtual world. The wireless connectivity conditions vary as the users move within the application area motivating the use of a non-uniform cache memory allocation process to avoid excessive delivery time for users located in wireless bottleneck areas. To this end, a location-aware placement and delivery array (LAPDA) is designed for cache-aided multiantenna data delivery with a fast converging, iterative linear beamforming process. The underlying weighted max-min transmit precoder design enables the proposed scheme to serve users in poor connectivity areas with smaller amounts of data while simultaneously delivering larger amounts to other users. Our new scheme is suitable for large networks due to its linear transceiver structure and it is not constrained by the number of users, cache size, or the number of antennas at the transmitter, unlike the existing schemes. Despite non-uniform cache placement, the proposed scheme still achieves a significant degree of coded caching gain that is additive to the multiplexing gain and greatly outperforms the conventional symmetric CC schemes in terms of both average and 95-percentile delivery time.