Joint MDS Codes and Weighted Graph-Based Coded Caching in Fog Radio Access Networks

In this paper we investigate maximum-distance separable (MDS) codes and weighted graph based coded caching in fog radio access networks (F-RANs). In the placement phase the redundant MDS based coded placement scheme is used to provide redundant coded packets and homogeneous cached contents. The redundant coded packets can be used to construct multicast opportunities for similar requests. In the delivery phase the weighted graph based coded delivery scheme is conducted based on homogeneous cached contents which can induce considerable multicast opportunities. By integrating the above two schemes a joint MDS codes and weighted graph based coded caching policy is proposed to minimize the fronthaul load. Finally we theoretically analyze the performance of the proposed policy by deriving the lower and upper bounds of the fronthaul load. Simulation results show that our proposed policy can provide 44% savings in the fronthaul load compared to the MDS-based uncoded delivery policy.