Fog Computing and Blockchain-Based Security Service Architecture for 5G Industrial IoT-Enabled Cloud Manufacturing

Recent evolution of the industrial Internet of Things empowers the classical manufacturing model with cloud computing integration for Industry 4.0. Cloud integration advances the capabilities of manufacturing systems with cloud-based controlling and real-time process monitoring which is renowned as cloud manufacturing (CM). However cloud integration exposes the entire manufacturing ecosystem to a new set of security risks and increments in end-to-end latency. Moving security services toward the edge eradicates message routing latency toward the cloud and eliminates the central point of failure while leveraging the entire system’s performance. We propose a blockchain and fog-computing-enabled security service architecture that operates on fog nodes at the edge of manufacturing equipment clusters. The proposed service facilitates CM equipment authentication and equipment-cloud channel privacy protection while preserving anonymity and unlinkability over the blockchain. We implemented the proposed architecture with hyperledger fabric and compared the performance advantage over the state-of-the-art solutions.