Windowed overlapped frequency domain block filtering approach for direct sequence signal acquisition

This study applies a windowed frequency domain overlapped block filtering approach to acquire direct sequence signals. As a novel viewpoint, the windows not only allow pulse shaping without front-end pulse-shaping filter, but also increase the performance of the spectrum sensing unit, which can efficiently be implemented into this frequency domain receiver and may further be used for spectrum sensing in cognitive radios or narrowband interference cancellation in military radios. The proposed receiver is applicable for the initial time synchronization of different signals containing a preamble. These signals include single carrier, constant envelope single carrier, multicarrier, and even generalized multicarrier signals, making the proposed receiver structure a universal unit. Furthermore, the receiver can be used to perform filtering with long codes and compute the sliding correlation of an unknown periodic preamble. The receiver can further be modified to handle large Doppler shifts. We will also demonstrate herein the computational complexity and analysis of the acquisition performance in Rayleigh and Rician fading channels.