WellComp 2021

With the advancements in ubiquitous computing, ubicomp technology has deeply spread into our daily lives, including office work, home and house-keeping, health management, transportation, or even urban living environments. Furthermore, beyond the initial metrics commonly applied in computing, such as “efficiency” and “productivity”, the benefits that people (users) benefit on a well-being perspective based on such ubiquitous technology has been greatly emphasized in the recent years. Through the second “WellComp” (Computing for Well-being) workshop, we will intensively discuss about the contribution of ubiquitous computing towards users’ well-being that covers both physical, mental, and social wellness (and their combinations), from the viewpoints of various different layers of computing. Having strong international organization members in various ubicomp research domains, WellComp 2021 will bring together researchers and practitioners from the academia and industry to explore versatile topics related to well-being and ubiquitous computing.