Uniform pooling for graph networks

The graph convolution network has received a lot of attention because it extends the convolution to non-Euclidean domains. However, the graph pooling method is still less concerned, which can learn coarse graph embedding to facilitate graph classification. Previous pooling methods were based on assigning a score to each node and then pooling only the highest-scoring nodes, which might throw away whole neighbourhoods of nodes and therefore information. Here, we proposed a novel pooling method UGPool with a new point-of-view on selecting nodes. UGPool learns node scores based on node features and uniformly pools neighboring nodes instead of top nodes in the score-space, resulting in a uniformly coarsened graph. In multiple graph classification tasks, including the protein graphs, the biological graphs and the brain connectivity graphs, we demonstrated that UGPool outperforms other graph pooling methods while maintaining high efficiency. Moreover, we also show that UGPool can be integrated with multiple graph convolution networks to effectively improve performance compared to no pooling.