Ultra-Wideband and Lightweight Electromagnetic Polarization Converter Based on Multiresonant Metasurface

Polarization-control devices have attracted considerable interest however most of the polarization converters operating at lower frequencies have a heavy design and narrow bandwidth which limits their practical applications. Here we report a simple design of an ultra-wideband and lightweight polarization converter for applications in the S- and C-bands. The proposed converter is designed based on a metasurface structure with the dielectric layer modified to hollow structure to obtain a lightweight design even working at such low frequency. Theoretical analysis and simulation results indicate that the converter can convert the orthogonal polarization transformation of reflected wave. Furthermore the measurement results show good agreement with the simulation results. The proposed polarization converter can achieve a polarization conversion ratio above 90% in an ultra-wide frequency range from 2 to 8.45 GHz due to multi-resonance modes. These performances are going beyond state of the art in terms of bandwidth and lightweight design thus it can be applied in various applications in the operating bands.