Time Domain Channel Model for the THz Band

Time domain channel model based on impulse response is introduced for wireless nanosensor networks which is used in the terahertz band (THz band: 0.1—10 THz) and short range (1—100 cm). We assume two-ray ground-reflection model. In THz band, rough surface on the reflector has effect on the impulse response due to very short wavelength. This paper focuses on frequency domain and time domain channel models and, for wireless communication analysis the impulse response is very important. Both models represent molecular absorption and rough surface effect which are unique aspects in THz band. The time domain channel model has multiple delayed taps even in LoS path. Reflected path has significantly strong effect to received signal from LoS path at long distance between transmitter and receiver than at short distance, relatively. These channel models are essential for a development of THz band communication techniques.