The INTERSPEECH 2018 computational paralinguistics challenge

The INTERSPEECH 2018 Computational Paralinguistics Challenge addresses four different problems for the first time in a research competition under well-defined conditions: In the Atypical Affect Sub-Challenge, four basic emotions annotated in the speech of handicapped subjects have to be classified; in the Self-Assessed Affect Sub-Challenge, valence scores given by the speakers themselves are used for a three-class classification problem; in the Crying Sub-Challenge, three types of infant vocalisations have to be told apart; and in the Heart Beats Sub-Challenge, three different types of heart beats have to be determined. We describe the Sub-Challenges, their conditions and baseline feature extraction and classifiers, which include data-learnt (supervised) feature representations by end-to-end learning, the ‘usual’ ComParE and BoAW features and deep unsupervised representation learning using the AUDEEP toolkit for the first time in the challenge series.

Schuller Björn W., Steidl Stefan, Batliner Anton, Marschik Peter B., Baumeister Harald, Dong Fengquan, Hantke Simone, Pokorny Florian B., Rathner Eva-Maria, Bartl-Pokorny Katrin D., Einspieler Christa, Zhang Dajie, Baird Alice, Amiriparian Shahin, Qian Kun, Ren Zhao, Schmitt Maximilian, Tzirakis Panagiotis, Zafeiriou Stefanos

A4 Article in conference proceedings

19th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication, INTERSPEECH 2018

Schuller, B., Steidl, S., Batliner, A., Marschik, P. B., Baumeister, H., Dong, F., Hantke, S., Pokorny, F. B., Rathner, E.-M., Bartl-Pokorny, K. D., Einspieler, C., Zhang, D., Baird, A., Amiriparian, S., Qian, K., Ren, Z., Schmitt, M., Tzirakis, P., & Zafeiriou, S. (2018, September 2). The INTERSPEECH 2018 Computational Paralinguistics Challenge: Atypical and Self-Assessed Affect, Crying and Heart Beats. Interspeech 2018. Interspeech 2018.