Survey on physical layer security for 5G wireless networks

Physical layer security is a promising approach that can benefit traditional encryption methods. The idea of physical layer security is to take advantage of the propagation medium’s features and impairments to ensure secure communication in the physical layer. This work introduces a comprehensive review of the main information-theoretic metrics used to measure the secrecy performance in physical layer security. Furthermore, a theoretical framework related to the most commonly used physical layer security techniques to improve secrecy performance is provided. Finally, our work surveys physical layer security research over several enabling 5G technologies, such as massive multiple-input multiple-output, millimeter-wave communications, heterogeneous networks, non-orthogonal multiple access, and full-duplex. We also include the key concepts of each of the technologies mentioned above. Also identified are future fields of research and technical challenges of physical layer security.

Sánchez José David Vega, Urquiza-Aguiar Luis, Paredes Paredes Martha Cecilia, Moya Osorio Diana Pamela

A1 Journal article – refereed

Sánchez, J.D.V., Urquiza-Aguiar, L., Paredes, M.C.P. et al. Survey on physical layer security for 5G wireless networks. Ann. Telecommun. 76, 155–174 (2021).