Spectrum Challenges for Beyond 5G

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in satisfying the spectrum demand for communications beyond 5G (B5G) at a global level. However, in such a large and diverse country as Mexico, the implementation of B5G wireless networks towards 6G will require new spectrum regulation policies that also take into account the particular aspects of the country, such as population density, geographic diversity, as well as social and economic issues. This paper discusses the asymmetries of the urban and rural scenarios of mobile communications and examines their relationship to the current status of the spectrum for 5G mobile communications in Mexico. Then, it explores the spectrum-related challenges that must be overcome to attain ambitious goals beyond 5G technologies. Thus showing the necessity of novel spectrum allocation mechanisms that consider the myriad of scenarios and their different demands in similar countries, in order to satisfy the requirements of B5G wireless communications and networks.