Six Key Features of Machine Type Communication in 6G

While 5G is being rolled out in different parts of the globe, several research groups around the world have already started posing the question: What will the sixth generation (6G) be? The 6G vision is a data-driven society, enabled by near instant unlimited wireless connectivity. Driven by the impetus to provide vertical-specific wireless network solutions, machine type communication encompassing both its mission critical and massive connectivity aspects is foreseen to be an important cornerstone of 6G development. An over-arching vision for machine type communication in 6G networks is presented in paper. In this regard, some relevant performance indicators are first discussed, followed by a presentation of key enablers.

Mahmood Nurul Huda, Alves Hirley, López Onel Alcaraz, Shehab Mohammad, Osorio Diana P. Moya, Latva-aho Matti

A4 Article in conference proceedings

Proceedings of the 2nd 6G Wireless Summit (6G SUMMIT), 17-20 March 2020 Levi, Finland

N. H. Mahmood, H. Alves, O. A. López, M. Shehab, D. P. M. Osorio and M. Latva-Aho, "Six Key Features of Machine Type Communication in 6G," 2020 2nd 6G Wireless Summit (6G SUMMIT), Levi, Finland, 2020, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/6GSUMMIT49458.2020.9083794