Simulation of resources for quantum algorithms and quantum communication protocols based on a novel framework

Recently, Samsung Electronic just released a new type of mobile phone model named Galaxy A71 where the quantum RNG chip is boasted inside for advanced security by capable of generating truly random and unpredictable numbers. It is no doubt that the quantum mechanism-based communication protocols or quantum information technologies are gradually changing the world with its advantages. It promises the new information generation where quantum-based computer can be seen in many living fields. Since the quantum algorithms and quantum communication protocols need to be verified before applying on chip set system, or hardware systems, the verification frameworks need to be done. In this discussion, we first propose a novel framework by MATLAB emulators. Then, we analysis the quantum resources or quantum basic elements such as quantum entanglements, quantum super positions state, quantum Fourier transformation, and quantum Arithmetic in proposed novel framework. The open problems to consider quantum algorithms based on proposed framework is discussed.

Pham Giao N., Nguyen Binh A., Tran Viet Q., Ta Khoa D., Nguyen Phong H., Nguyen Duc M.

A1 Journal article – refereed

Pham, G. N. (2020). Simulation of Resources for Quantum Algorithms and Quantum Communication Protocols based on a Novel Framework. International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering, 9(3), 3125–3129.