Scenario-Based Emergency Material Scheduling Using V2X Communications

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications can be applied in emergency material scheduling due to their performance in collecting and transmitting disaster-related data in real time. The urgency of disaster depots can be judged based on the disaster area video, and the scenario coefficient can be evaluated for building a fairness model. This paper presents a scenario-based approach for emergency material scheduling (SEMS) using V2X communications. We propose a SEMS model, with the objectives of minimum time and maximum fairness in the cases of multiple supply depots, disaster depots, commodities and transport modes for logistics management of relief commodities. We design the SEMS algorithm based on the artificial fish-swarm algorithm to obtain an optimized solution. The results demonstrate that the SEMS model can enhance the fairness of relief scheduling, especially for disaster depots with small demands compared to the Gini and enhanced Theil fairness models. Moreover, the acquired vehicle speed via V2X communications updates the SEMS model in real time, which approaches a solution closer to reality.