Re-Engineering IoT Systems through ACOSO-Meth

The Agent-based Cooperating Smart Objects methodology (ACOSO-Meth) fully supports the systematic development of Internet of Things (IoT) systems from analysis to implementation by tackling their manifold requirements (e.g., self-management, distributed smartness, interoperability). At the same time, ACOSO-Meth allows the re-engineering of existing IoT systems, thus enhancing their maintainability, reusability and extensibility. In such direction, this paper (i) first presents the integration of the resource-oriented agent framework complying with the IETF Constrained RESTful Environment (CoRE) framework into ACOSO-Meth; then (ii) reports a case study to exemplify the re-engineering of a resource-constrained agent application through the ACOSO-Meth metamodel-driven approach.