Perovskite ferroelectric tuned by thermal strain

Modern environmental and sustainability issues as well as the growing demand for applications in the life sciences and medicine put special requirements to the chemical composition of many functional materials. To achieve desired performance within these requirements, innovative approaches are needed. In this work, we experimentally demonstrate that thermal strain can effectively tune the crystal structure and versatile properties of relatively thick films of environmentally friendly, biocompatible, and low-cost perovskite ferroelectric barium titanate. The strain arises during post-deposition cooling due to a mismatch between the thermal expansion coefficients of the films and the substrate materials. The strain-induced in-plane polarization enables excellent performance of bottom-to-top barium titanate capacitors akin to that of exemplary lead-containing relaxor ferroelectrics. Our work shows that controlling thermal strain can help tailor response functions in a straightforward manner.

Tyunina Marina, Pacherova Oliva, Peräntie Jani, Savinov Maksim E., Jelinek Miroslav, Jantunen Heli, Dejneka Alexandr

A1 Journal article – refereed

Tyunina, M., Pacherova, O., Peräntie, J., Savinov, M., Jelinek, M., Jantunen, H., & Dejneka, A. (2019). Perovskite ferroelectric tuned by thermal strain. Scientific Reports, 9(1).