New Wine Old Bottles

This paper mainly investigates the iterative structures whose decryption is similar to the encryption. Firstly, we unify many well-known structures which share similar procedures between the decryption and the encryption, and give a sufficient and necessary condition for this structure to be bijective, which reveals many new insights into the Feistel structure as well as the Lai-Massey structure. Secondly, we analyze the security of the unified structure against the known cryptanalysis. By extending the dual structure from a Feistel structure to the unified structure, we prove that a differential of the unified structure is impossible if and only if it is a zero-correlation linear hull of its dual structure, which presents a generalized link between the impossible differential and zero-correlation linear cryptanalysis shown in CRYPTO 2015. Significantly, several constraints on the linear components of the cipher and the permutation on the branches of the cipher are specified to make the structure resilient to differential and linear cryptanalysis. Furthermore, in the case that the order of the permutation equals the number of the branches n, we prove that there always exist a (3n−1) -round impossible differential and a (3n−1) -round zero-correlation linear hull of the structure, and also present an algorithm to construct these distinguishers. Finally, we propose some novel structures which might be used in future block cipher designs.