Moment Generating Function of Age of Information in Multisource M/G/1/1 Queueing Systems

We consider a multi-source status update system where each source generates status update packets according to a Poisson process which are then served according to a generally distributed service time. For this multi-source M/G/1/1 queueing model we consider a self-preemptive packet management policy and derive the moment generating functions (MGFs) of the age of information (AoI) and peak AoI of each source. According to the policy an arriving fresh packet preempts the possible packet of the same source in the system. Furthermore we derive the MGFs of the AoI and peak AoI for the globally preemptive and non-preemptive policies for which only the average AoI and peak AoI have been derived earlier. Finally we use the MGFs to derive the average AoI and peak AoI in a two-source M/G/1/1 queueing model under each policy. Numerical results show the effect of the service time distribution parameters on the average AoI. The results also highlight the importance of higher moments of the AoI.