Mining Security discussions in Suomi24

This study examines how social network based approach can be applied in order to mine the security oriented discussions in Suomi24 online forum. The approach employs a student survey questionnaire to collect a dictionary related to Finland national security. In subsequent analysis, the vocabulary terms are mapped to Suomi24 corpus in order to construct the associated social network analysis that quantifies the dependency among the various vocabulary terms. Especially, the analysis of the dynamic variation of the network topology would enable the decision-maker to devise appropriate communication scheme to maximize intervention in the public sphere and reach a wider audience. Besides, a parser that finds the keywords from VeRticalzed text data format is developed to aid the construction of the underlined social network.

Haapamäki Eetu, Mikkola Juho, Hirsimäki Markus, Oussalah Mourad

A4 Article in conference proceedings

2019 European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC)

E. Haapamäki, J. Mikkola, M. Hirsimäki and M. Oussalah, "Mining Security discussions in Suomi24," 2019 European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC), Oulu, Finland, 2019, pp. 101-108, doi: 10.1109/EISIC49498.2019.9108877