Leaky wave cable with integrated adjacent antennas in office installation

In this paper leaky wave cable with adjacent antenna elements operated on 3.5 GHz were evaluated by measurement of indoor installed setups. Novel radiation cable arrangements were compared with conventional LCX cable and hot spot antenna references. The power distribution in a 34 m long office environment was measured using a leaky coaxial cable (LCX) with several antennas having either low (-6,7 dB) or high (+2 dB) gains and compared with a conventional LCX and hot spot antenna solutions. Presented novel LCX cables provided a well distributed EM field along the corridor, presenting the best performance after 10 m distances from the transceiver and the field was 30 dB stronger than hot spot antenna’s at the end of the corridor. LCX cable performance was improved prominent 8 dB. The solution can be utilized in the construction of evenly distributed and reliable indoor coverages or power fields for energy harvesting with competitive implementation costs.