Large and Dense LoRaWAN Deployment to Monitor Real Estate Conditions and Utilization Rate

Internet of Things (ioT) drives today’s world towards digitalization allowing diverse and innovative use cases. These use cases are changing in a fundamental way how people are conducting their business in various verticals. In this paper we focus on the real estate use case. We deploy a monitoring system in a large open space at University of Oulu. The deployed system visualizes real estate conditions of this environment and gives insight to understanding a LoRaWAN IoT-enabled building. The number of the sensor nodes composing the deployed system reaches 331, with each node comprising five sensors providing information about temperature, humidity, CO₂, amount of light, and motion. In the paper we report the results and the lessons learned during the deployment of such an extensive LoRaWAN sensor network. Aside of the practicalities related to the deployment of the network, we characterize and report the performance of the deployed network. The conducted deployment can become a valuable reference for engineers and practitioners, deploying a real estate monitoring system with LoRaWAN.