Inkjet-Deposited Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Micropatterns on Stretchable PDMS-Ag Substrate-Electrode Structures for Piezoresistive Strain Sensing

Printed piezoresistive strain sensors based on stretchable roll-to-roll screen-printed silver electrodes on polydimethylsiloxane substrates and inkjet-deposited single-wall carbon nanotube micropatterns are demonstrated in this work. With the optimization of surface wetting and inkjet printing parameters, well-defined microscopic line patterns of the nanotubes with a sheet resistance of <100 Ω/□ could be deposited between stretchable Ag electrodes on the plasma-treated substrate. The developed stretchable devices are highly sensitive to tensile strain with a gauge factor of up to 400 and a pressure sensitivity of ∼0.09 Pa–1, respond to bending down to a radius of 1.5 mm, and are suitable for mounting on the skin to monitor and resolve various movements of the human body such as cardiac cycle, breathing, and finger flexing. This study indicates that inkjet deposition of nanomaterials can complement well other printing technologies to produce flexible and stretchable devices in a versatile manner.