High Power 1.5 μm Pulsed Laser Diode with Asymmetric Waveguide and Active Layer Near p-cladding

We report first experimental results on a high-power pulsed semiconductor laser operating in the eye-safe spectral range (wavelength around 1.5 μm) with an asymmetric waveguide structure. The laser has a bulk active layer positioned very close to the p-cladding in order to eliminate current-induced nonuniform carrier accumulation in the p-side of the waveguide and the associated carrier losses. Moderate doping of the n-side of the waveguide is used to strongly suppress nonuniform carrier accumulation within this part of the waveguide. Highly p-doped InP p-cladding facilitates low series resistance. An as-cleaved sample with a stripe width of 90 μm exhibits an output power of about 18 W at a pumping current amplitude of 80 A. Theoretical calculations, validated by comparison to experiment, suggest that the performance of lasers of this type can be improved further by optimization of the waveguide thickness and doping as well as improvement of injection efficiency.