Evolution Toward 6G Multi-band Wireless Networks

In this article we first present the vision key performance indicators key enabling techniques (KETs) and services of 6G wireless networks. Then we highlight a series of general resource management (RM) challenges as well as unique RM challenges corresponding to each KET. The unique RM challenges in 6G necessitate the transformation of existing optimization-based solutions to artificial intelligence/machine learning-empowered solutions. In the sequel we formulate a joint network selection and subchannel allocation problem for 6G multi-band network that provides both further enhanced mobile broadband (FeMBB) and extreme ultra reliable low latency communication (eURLLC) services to the terrestrial and aerial users. Our solution highlights the efficacy of multi-band network and demonstrates the robustness of dueling deep Q-network in obtaining efficient RM solution with faster convergence rate compared to deep Q-network and double deep Q-network algorithms.