Dual-band Dual-polarized Antenna for mm-Wave 5G Base Station Antenna Array

A dual-band dual-polarized antenna suitable for 5G millimeter-wave base station antenna array is presented in this paper. It operates on all the commercial millimeter wave frequencies allotted in 5G NR from 24.25 GHz up to 40 GHz. The antenna is based on a novel stacked square ring patches arrangement to achieve wide dual band and stable radiation pattern. The antenna offers a sharp roll-off and a filter like response between the operating bands due to the strongly coupled resonators. Antenna design principle and simulated performance are discussed in detail. The -10 dB impedance bandwidth of the lower band starts from 24.25 GHz to 29.5 GHz while the higher band covers the 37 GHz to 40 GHz. The realized gain remains stable between 5 to 6 dBi at all the operating frequencies. The isolation between the ports and cross-polar discrimination remain better than 20 dB in all the covered frequency range.