Design of spectrum usage detection in wideband spectrum measurements

We investigate the design of signal processing in wideband spectrum usage (SPU) measurements for efficient and smart dynamic spectrum access (DSA). In particular, we focus on spectrum usage detection (SPUD) in the experimental measurements. The detection results can be exploited to estimate statistics of the SPU. An appropriate design of the SPUD depends on the actual SPU in the target frequency band. There is a broad range of wireless systems in a considered broad measurement frequency band, such as from 60MHz to 6GHz, therefore a general design framework in the measurement frequency band is desired. In the proposed design framework, we at first define two models in terms of the SPU and the SPUD process. In addition, the proposed design procedure determines the adequate choice of parameters for the SPUD model based on given parameters of the SPU model in the target frequency band. Numerical evaluation based on computer simulations shows the validity of the design framework and design procedure. Moreover, a modified duty cycle (DC) estimation method is proposed, which can remove bias errors caused by low time resolution in the SPUD. Numerical evaluation based on experimental measurements demonstrates the practicality of the detection framework and procedure proposed in this work.