Context-driven encrypted multimedia traffic classification on mobile devices

The Internet has been experiencing immense growth in multimedia traffic from mobile devices. The increase in traffic presents many challenges to user-centric networks network operators and service providers. Foremost among these challenges is the inability of networks to determine the types of encrypted traffic and thus the level of network service the traffic needs to maintain an acceptable quality of experience. Therefore end devices are a natural fit for performing traffic classification since end devices have more contextual information about device usage and traffic. This paper proposes a novel approach that classifies multimedia traffic types produced and consumed on mobile devices. The technique relies on a mobile device’s detection of its multimedia context characterized by its utilization of different media input/output (I/O) components e.g. camera microphone and speaker. We develop an algorithm MediaSense which senses the states of multiple I/O components and identifies the specific multimedia context of a mobile device in real-time. We demonstrate that MediaSense classifies encrypted multimedia traffic in real-time as accurately as deep learning approaches and with even better generalizability.