Combining IoT Deployment and Data Visualization: experiences within campus maintenance use-case

The internet of things (IoT) application domain is evolving continuously and is expected to bring digitalization making everything smart. This paper presents reference architecture for IoT system. Moreover, full implementation of such architecture is demonstrated with the IoT testbed deployed at the University of Oulu. Leveraging MQTT protocol, LoRaWAN is utilized as an IoT enabler technology for our platform, comprising a cloud server as well. In addition, a hybrid server is added to the platform to enable enhanced performance and functionality. To showcase the potential impacts of augmented reality (AR) based applications in an IoT infrastructure, we implemented and tested the maintenance support application. The implemented application visualizes environmental conditions and the sensor node itself as an augmented object on a mobile phone. A user study is carried out to discuss and showcase the potential impacts of using such a visualization approach.