Collapsing-field-domain-based 200 GHz solid-state source

A simple miniature source generating pulse trains with a central frequency of ∼100 GHz and a duration of 50–100 ps has been demonstrated recently. The source is based on nanometer-scale collapsing field domains (CFDs) generated in the collector of an avalanching bipolar GaAs transistor. The central frequency is determined by the domain transient time across the collector, and thus, a routine increase in the oscillation frequency from 0.1 to 0.3–0.5 THz would require a reduction in the collector thickness by a factor of 3–5. This is not acceptable, however, since it would reduce the maximum blocking voltage affecting the achievable peak current across the avalanche switch. We suggest here a solution to this challenging problem by reducing the CFD travel distance while keeping the collector thickness unchanged. Here, the discovered and interpreted phenomenon of CFD collapse when entering a dense carrier plasma zone made it possible by means of bandgap engineering. A CFD emitter generating ∼200 GHz wavetrains of ∼100 ps in duration is demonstrated. This finding opens an avenue for the increase in the oscillation frequency without any reduction in the emitted power, by using a smart structure design.

Vainshtein Sergey N., Duan Guoyong, Yuferev Valentin S., Zemlyakov Valery E., Egorkin Vladimir I., Kalyuzhnyy Nikolay A., Maleev Nikolai A., Egorov Anton Yu., Kostamovaara Juha T.

A1 Journal article – refereed

Vainshtein, S. N., Duan, G., Yuferev, V. S., Zemlyakov, V. E., Egorkin, V. I., Kalyuzhnyy, N. A., Maleev, N. A., Egorov, A. Yu., Kostamovaara, J. T. (2019) Collapsing-field-domain-based 200 GHz solid-state source. Applied Physics Letters, 115 (12), 123501.