Avalanche Delay and Dynamic Triggering in GaAs-Based S-Diodes Doped With Deep Level Impurity

The article is concerned with a detailed switching delay effect exhibited by avalanche S-diodes-superfast GaAs closing switches doped with deep Fe centers. The current and voltage time dependences are simulated in a simplified generator. The dynamic electric field and charge profiles in the structures are calculated. This article describes an impact that Fe capture cross sections of free charge carriers have on delayed switching. The simulation results show that delayed switching is associated with deep center recharging in a double injection mode due to three different processes. There are two different delay mechanisms to be herewith distinguished. A delay effect is experimentally viewed to control the dynamic switching voltage (and the avalanche breakdown voltage) using constant voltage adjustment capability enabled by a triggering circuit supply. The authors demonstrate the way it is possible to adjust the amplitude of current nanosecond pulses in the range of 20—45 A through a lidar transmitter circuit with a semiconductor laser and nonoptimized S-diode. The findings are consistent with the results of numerical simulation.

Prudaev Ilya A., Vainshtein Sergey N., Verkholetov Maksim G., Oleinik Vladimir L., Kopyev Viktor V.

A1 Journal article – refereed

I. A. Prudaev, S. N. Vainshtein, M. G. Verkholetov, V. L. Oleinik and V. V. Kopyev, "Avalanche Delay and Dynamic Triggering in GaAs-Based S-Diodes Doped With Deep Level Impurity," in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. 68, no. 1, pp. 57-65, Jan. 2021, doi: 10.1109/TED.2020.3039213

https://doi.org/10.1109/TED.2020.3039213 http://urn.fi/urn:nbn:fi-fe202103056641