Analysis of 5G spectrum awarding decisions

Local 5G networks have gained increasing attention in the recent years, allowing different stakeholders to establish local and often private networks within a specific facility, such as a factory. These local networks can serve a variety of user groups with versatile needs. The deployment of the local 5G networks is fully dependent on spectrum availability in the given location, which in turn depends on the underlaying regulations and varies for the different stakeholders involved and between countries. The link between emerging new business opportunities and the spectrum availability considering different stakeholders is of great interest from strategic management viewpoint. This paper presents an analysis of recent 5G spectrum awarding decisions considering how they connect with emerging local 5G networks from different stakeholder viewpoints. The analysis reveals how different countries have prepared for the new business opportunity arising from local 5G networks in their spectrum awarding decisions. The analysis also quantifies the spectrum availability for establishing local 5G networks considering different stakeholder perspectives. The findings indicate that the variety of approaches taken by the regulators in their spectrum decisions keeps increasing and new local spectrum licenses are emerging especially in the latest spectrum awards. The identified diverging approaches in different countries impact the business opportunities within the country as well as for export of solutions, which in turn can influence the competitiveness of countries differently.

Matinmikko-Blue Marja, Yrjölä Seppo, Ahokangas Petri, Hämmäinen Heikki

D3 Professional conference proceedings

23rd Biennial Conference of the International Telecommunications Society (ITS)

Matinmikko-Blue, Marja; Yrjölä, Seppo; Ahokangas, Petri; Hämmäinen, Heikki (2021) : Analysis of 5G spectrum awarding decisions: How do different countries consider emerging local 5G networks?, 23rd Biennial Conference of the International Telecommunications Society (ITS): "Digital societies and industrial transformations: Policies, markets, and technologies in a post-Covid world", Online Conference / Gothenburg, Sweden, 21st-23rd June, 2021, International Telecommunications Society (ITS), Calgary