An Integrated Power Amplifier Front-end Module with On-chip Antenna at 180–240 GHz

This work presents a practical power amplifier front-end module solution with on-chip antennas at 180–240 GHz. It includes three parts: the frequency multiplier followed by amplifier stages and on-chip antenna array. The input signal varies from 45 GHz to 60 GHz which can be fed through the bond-wire and transmission line on the PCB. All the circuits are implemented by 130-nm SiGe BiCMOS technology.

He Shihai, Chen Jiangcheng, Berg Markus, Rahkonen Timo, Pärssinen Aarno

XXXV Finnish URSI Convention on Radio Science : Proceedings. 18 Oct 2019, Tampere

He, S., Chen, J., Berg, M., Rahkonen, T., Pärssinen, A., An integrated power amplifier front-end module with on-chip antenna at 180-240 GHz,