Adaptive secure rate allocation via TAS/MRC under multi-antenna eavesdroppers

This paper investigates the secrecy outage performance of a multiple-input multiple-output and multi-antenna eavesdropper system. We consider a novel formulation for the secrecy outage probability, which is capable of quantifying reliability and secrecy separately, thus constituting a useful tool in the context of new scenarios with stringent requirements on reliability as the case of ultra-reliable low-latency communication. Our system considers a multi-antenna transmitter, Alice, that employs transmit antenna selection, a legitimate multi-antenna receiver, Bob, and a multi-antenna eavesdropper, Eve, where both employing maximal-ratio combining. For this system, exact and simpler asymptotic closed-form expressions for the conditional outage probability are provided. Moreover, for the case where channel state information is available at the three nodes, a numerical secure throughput maximization is carried out by considering quality-of-service and security constraints for an adaptive rate allocation scheme in an ON-OFF transmission. Our proposed closed-form expressions are validated via Monte Carlo simulations.

Muhammad Irfan, Alcaraz López Onel L., Alves Hirley, Osorio Diana P. M., Benitez Olivo Edgar E., Latva-aho Matti

A4 Article in conference proceedings

2019 16th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS) 27-30 August 2019 Oulu, Finland

I. Muhammad, O. L. Alcaraz López, H. Alves, D. P. M. Osorio, E. E. Benitez Olivo and M. Latva-aho, "Adaptive Secure Rate Allocation via TAS/MRC under Multi-Antenna Eavesdroppers," 2019 16th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS), Oulu, Finland, 2019, pp. 666-671,