Adaptive Antenna Array with weight and antenna space control

A typical adaptive antenna array based on weight control (AAA-W) with M antennas can suppress M-1 interference signals. In this paper, we propose AAA based on not only weight but also antenna spacing control (AAA-WS) and investigate the basic performance of AAA-WS under the line-of-sight. At first, we show that AAA-WS with two antennas (M=2) can sufficiently suppress more than two interference signals while the desired signal is enhanced. The inherent interference suppression capability of AAA-WS can be determined by the maximum antenna spacing and this fact is exhibited by analysis and Monte Carlo simulations. In addition, we will show that AAA-WS with two antennas can outperform AAA-W with more than two antennas. It is notable that the additional gain in AAAWS compared to AAA-W can be around 18 dB.