A Robust GAN-Generated Face Detection Method Based on Dual-Color Spaces and an Improved Xception

In recent years generative adversarial networks (GANs) have been widely used to generate realistic fake face images which can easily deceive human beings. To detect these images some methods have been proposed. However their detection performance will be degraded greatly when the testing samples are post-processed. In this paper some experimental studies on detecting post-processed GAN-generated face images find that (a) both the luminance component and chrominance components play an important role and (b) the RGB and YCbCr color spaces achieve better performance than the HSV and Lab color spaces. Therefore to enhance the robustness both the luminance component and chrominance components of dual-color spaces (RGB and YCbCr) are considered to utilize color information effectively. In addition the convolutional block attention module and multilayer feature aggregation module are introduced into the Xception model to enhance its feature representation power and aggregate multilayer features respectively. Finally a robust dual-stream network is designed by integrating dual-color spaces RGB and YCbCr and using an improved Xception model. Experimental results demonstrate that our method outperforms some existing methods especially in its robustness against different types of post-processing operations such as JPEG compression Gaussian blurring gamma correction and median filtering.