A novel healthy food recommendation to user groups based on a deep social community detection approach

Existing food recommendation models have typically suggested foods or recipes to single users. However, in reality, users may be members of a group, family, or community, requiring food recommendation systems to support the whole group. Food recommendations to groups are a more challenging task than food recommendations to individuals, as each person’s preferences in the group should be addressed before giving the recommendations. Suggesting healthy food is also important in a food recommendation system, given that unhealthy diets can lead to different diseases. To address these challenges, a new healthy group food recommendation system based on deep social community detection and user popularity is developed in this study. To this end, an innovative deep community detection approach based on feature learning and deep neural networks is developed using the calculated time-aware user similarity measure. In addition, a health-aware rate prediction measurement, which considers both group preferences and health factors, is developed. Different experiments are designed on two real-food social networks to specify the efficiency of the suggested model, and the results indicate that it enhanced the single-user and group satisfaction metrics.