A Max-Min Task Offloading Algorithm for Mobile Edge Computing Using Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access

To mitigate the computational power gap between the network core and edges, mobile edge computing (MEC) is poised to play a fundamental role in future generations of wireless networks. In this correspondence, we consider a non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) transmission model to maximize the worst task to be offloaded among all users to the network edge server. A provably convergent and efficient algorithm is developed to solve the considered non-convex optimization problem for maximizing the minimum number of offloaded bits in a multi-user NOMA-MEC system. Compared to the approach of optimized orthogonal multiple access (OMA), for given MEC delay, power and energy limits, the NOMA-based system considerably outperforms its OMA-based counterpart in MEC settings. Numerical results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm for NOMA-based MEC is particularly useful for delay sensitive applications.