A line-of-sight channel model for the 100–450 gigahertz frequency band

This paper documents a simple parametric polynomial line-of-sight channel model for 100—450 GHz band. The band comprises two popular beyond fifth generation (B5G) frequency bands, namely, the D band (110—170 GHz) and the low-THz band (around 275—325 GHz). The main focus herein is to derive a simple, compact, and accurate molecular absorption loss model for the 100—450 GHz band. The derived model relies on simple absorption line shape functions that are fitted to the actual response given by complex but exact database approach. The model is also reducible for particular sub-bands within the full range of 100—450 GHz, further simplifying the absorption loss estimate. The proposed model is shown to be very accurate by benchmarking it against the exact response and the similar models given by International Telecommunication Union Radio Communication Sector. The loss is shown to be within ±2 dBs from the exact response for one kilometer link in highly humid environment. Therefore, its accuracy is even much better in the case of usually considered shorter range future B5G wireless systems.