5G mm-Wave Link Range Estimation Based on Over-the-Air Measured System EVM Performance

Performance of 5G New Radio millimeter wave (mmW) systems are expected to be tested over-the-air (OTA). In this paper, we use OTA measured system error vector magnitude (EVM) with varying automatic gain control, to characterize the achievable link range with 5G NR waveform. The platform used in the measurements is one of the first public 5G mmW wireless backhaul Proof of Concept systems. We show that OTA system EVM measured in an Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) chamber with varying AGC correlates well with line of sight outdoor measurements. Hence, the link range of the system can be approximated by attenuating OTA signal level either with gain controls of the radio units or with attenuation material between the radio units. The key advantage of link range estimation based on OTA measurements in the EMC chamber is better repeatability and protection from random radio interference which is present in real outdoor environment.